Custom ChatGPT for your website

Convert your website visitors into customers with an AI chatbot trained on your website content.

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A custom AI chatbot for your website in 2 minutes

Create your own AI chatbot with no code, and watch it learn from your website content in real time.

Everything you need to create your AI Chatbot

A powerful platform.

Your Content

We automatically collect all the textual content from your website, and prepare it for the AI in the next step.

Automated Fine-tune

We fine-tune your AI chatbot to make sure it knows all the details and information of your business.

Easy integration

A short code tag similar to the one for Google Analytics that you can copy & paste into your website code.

Collect Email Addresses

Your smart AI chatbot will convert users and collect email addresses, which you can use to reach out to users, and send AI powered follow-up emails.

User Reviews

Chatseeds provides a chatbot for your website which is trained on your content. The AI chatbot uses ChatGPT to answer the questions of your website visitors, and collects their email addresses. Of course your custom chatbot can also convert new visitors into customers. Training your custom chat bot takes less than 2 minutes and is fully automated, you only have to input your website url.

Our platform offers a one-click AI chatbot, which gets trained on your content.

A chatbot is a tool, which can automatically answer questions with the help of AI. We are using ChatGPT for our chat bot, as well as custom AI.

To implement the chat bot into your website, you receive a short code snippet which you can copy & paste into your source code. It is as easy as installing Google Analytics. Competitors to our platform include chatbase sitegpt or &